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Yatai Group was founded in 1993 and became listed in 1995. As a result, industrial businesses have been set up majoring in building materials, pharmaceuticals, financial investment and real estate, as well as engaged in sectors of coal, trade and business, together with light assets platforms establishment including sports culture, health preservation, tourism and Internet media for a fast and sustainable development. Now Yatai Group Ranks No. 405 on the List of ‘China's Top 500 Enterprises’ in 2018. 

Yatai coporate culture was carved out by the Group Company founder, Song Shanglong and all of the employees through many years of striving and development, always trying to achieve common corporate goals, and respecting the same values, convictions and behavior standards, all of which, in the end, shaped the unique Yatai corporate culture. By continuous learning and upgrading, a complete cultural system, with well-developed elements such as: corporate spirit, operational philosophy, style of work, corporate objectives, operational system, management system, development vision, corporate culture and management models has been established, and it plays a huge role in encouraging and accelerating Yatai Group swift development.  

Yatai Group corporate culture is centered around "human as the core" philosophy. Yatai Group, since the very beginning, has always respected people, cared about them, guided and cultivated their talents, as talent development is one of the main elements of the Company's strategy, and employees are regarded the most important resource. 

Yatai corporate culture is the internal driving force of the Group's development. Yatai Group already became a diverse, large scale conglomerate, engaged in operations in multiple sectors and industries, and its corporate culture has played guiding, restraining, standardizing, adjusting and influencing roles. By giving guidance to its subsidiaries to achieve the same corporate goals, effective unifying of corporate behavior standards, swift shaping of a collective whole and making all business divisions and subsidiaries united into one and focused on the same goal, Yatai corporate culture is the foundation of Yatai Group development and a source of never-ending, internal motivation. 

Yatai corporate culture is a way to shape Yatai Group public image. For many years, Yatai has always practiced social responsibility, and by striving to develop low carbon economy, reduce emissions and recycle industrial waste, it has gained social recognition. Yatai corporate culture does not only influence its employees and play the role of internal motivation source, but via media, PR activities and other channels it also constantly influences the society and continues to promote its outstanding culture and increase brand recognition.  

In the future, Yatai Group will further strengthen its corporate culture, constantly increase group cohesion and unity so as to create strong foundations of cultural motivation that will continue to drive its development. 


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