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Yatai Group currently employs a staff of 20509 highly educated professionals, managed by a capable and efficient management team. By the end of 2017, there were 4140 university degree holders, including 16 PhD graduates, 222 Master Degree graduates and 3902 Bachelor Degree graduates.Moreover, 444 people held senior titles and 856  intermediate professional titles. 

Yatai Group has always followed the principles of high recruiting standards and talent acquisition so as to continuously raise its comprehensive competitiveness and promote further development. 


In order to utilize people's talents, an atmosphere of respecting employees must be created. Basing on the "respect employees, trust their talent and rely on their abilities" concepts, Yatai Group has established an corporate environment encouraging working, learning and living, where the staff's independent personalities, dignity and personal rights are fully respected and every employee can always feel understood by the enterprise community and obtain all the care and help they need, so as to let the them develop a sense of security and belonging.Meanwhile, the enterprise has also adhered to the strategic thinking of sharing "win-win results" with employees and has made efforts to create a sound environment in an attempt to make individuals develop together with the enterprise and render a broad platform for talent development. 


Provide a operating environment in which the employees can achieve their personal goals, provide a professional platform for the staff to put their talents into play and promote harmonious development of company as a whole and personnel as individuals. 


Standardized HR management system 


Multiple individual career development paths 


Personal growth opportunities brought about by nation-wide development 


You are welcome to register your resume with Yatai Group and join our talent database, if there are jobs that match your requirements, we will promptly contact you. 



Wide development prospects  



training system 


Optimized salary and benefits package 

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