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Legal Statement


      Our company respects your personal data and the right of privacy. Our company further commits to comply with all internationally accepted personal data protection standards even other standards more stringent in addition to our undertaking to abide by all Chinese personal data (privacy) rules and regulations. Therefore, we are required to cause our employees to abide by the most stringent security and confidentiality standards. 

      When you are registering with and using our website, we may ask you to provide your personal data, including but not limited to your name, date of birth, sex, email address, contact information, ID or passport number, ICQ number and (or) credit card data.

We may use these data provided by you to confirm your personal identity, collect data from stored records, distribute you different products and services information, keep your contact information, prepare network access statistics and handle your purchase order.

Considering the nature of Internet, we hereby do not guarantee that data transmission is one hundred percent reliable. However, we commit to take all necessary and practical measures to ensure that any data collected by our website will be free from any interference from any third parties. Also, you shall be noted that YATAI.COM advisers or other websites having link to our website may collect your personal data. Once we receive your data, we commit to save and store such data in such a way as we always believe it is the most stringent secure and confidential.

       We may provide your personal data to a third party, including but not limited to our controlling company, subsidiaries or related companies, or our contractors/agents. We commit not to disclose your personal identity when we disclose your personal data to our advertisers.

       We will store your personal data all the time as long as you become a registered user of our website.

       We may use your personal data and advertise products or service to you through email from time to time.

       You may look up and update your personal data by accessing our website.


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